Zopa P2P Lending Review

  • Loan Types: P2P Lending
  • Availability: UK
  • Securities: Unsecured
  • Loan amount: £1,000 – £25,000
  • Interest: 7.2% to 16.7%
  • Overall Rating: Experienced 4.1 / 5.0

About Zopa

Founded way back in 2005, Zopa was ostensibly the UK’s first P2P lender. Today, the company is among the world’s largest. Based in London, Zopa is backed by Benchmark and Wellington Partners. It is that rarest of P2P lenders: a company available to people without lots of money, that doesn’t have sky-high rates and dubious terms.

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Zopa have definiely figured out the optimal pricing model to balance between happy borrowers and satisfied investors; Good terms for more established businesses, worse for less established ones

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Quick Approval

Same-Day approval! Quick remuneration  of funds into bank account.

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Highly Trusted

The first Peer to Peer lender to ever exist on the market. Operating since 2005 with thousands of happy clients.

The Good and the Bad


  • Trusted. It can’t be taken for granted that every P2P lender is trustworthy. Zopa is among the most respected companies of its kind.
  • Easy Approval .Users report fast approval, with competitive rates.
  • Secure. Zopa strikes a good approval balance, selecting businesses unlikely to default while still making the service widely available. They’ll even give lenders their money back, plus interest, in the event of a borrower default.
  • Quick Approval


  • Not the best rates available. This is not to say that Zopa isn’t competitive at every level. But for the sake of quality and reliability, users won’t find the lowest rates or highest returns with Zopa. It’s what you sacrifice for dependability.

Which Type of Companies do They Apply to?

Zopa business loans are available only to sole traders, aged 20 and up, with a minimum 2 year trading history.

Are bad credit businesses accepted?

Yes. Zopa isn’t focused on this demographic, and they will reject certain credit histories. As always, better credit makes this sort of service much more affordable.

Early Repayments & Comparison

Early repayment is permitted without penalty.

How do they compare with other companies in the industry:

Zopa is large and respected. Providing business and personal loans, Zopa lends modest amounts without sacrificing company integrity. Their vetting process results in a very low default rate. Lenders enjoy among the most reliable returns, though not the highest.

Reputation & Feedback

Zopa is well-known and well-trusted. ReviewCentregives them a 4.9 of 5, after hundreds of user reviews. Like all P2P lenders in the UK, they are regulated by the FCA. With more than a decade of operation, there is nary an older P2P lender to be found. Zopa has been a model to many other similar companies which have emerged since its inception. Zopa’s rise and continued success has been recognized by The GuardianFinancial Times, and The Telegraph.


For investors: 

With advertised returns hovering around 5%, lenders won’t see wildly impressive yields with this company. But Zopa has among the best security measures against bad debt, with a default rate well beneath 2% and a refund policy (plus interest) for investors whose customers do default. It’s a strong option for a diversified portfolio and for investors seeking low-risk allocations.

Most secure, reliable, and experienced name in the business.

Bottom Line

Zopa is an excellent, trusted P2P lender. Newer companies may offer slightly better rates and returns, but it is hard to find a P2P lender that is this credible, while still being accessible to ordinary people.