Rebuilding Society Review

  • Loan Types: B2B Loans and Cash Advance
  • Availability: UK (2 Year Old Businesses)
  • Securities: Secured
  • Loan amount: $2,600 – $100,000
  • Interest: APR: 8.5% to 12% for B2B loans; 8.5% to 15% for cash advance
  • Overall Rating: Useful 2.8 / 5.0

About Rebuilding Society

A young and growing P2P lender, Leeds-based Rebuilding Society is a fairly run-of-the-mill ecommerce player. RebuildingSociety seems solid for investors, with some sources reported average returns of over 15%. But with scant information available online, only time will tell whether Rebuilding Society will remotely live up to its lofty name.

Icon of SMB Oriented

Investor Profitable

High Average Return for Investor – Reported Over 15% (which also means high interest for borrowers).

Icon of Quick Approval

Easy Approval

Prompt processes, easy process, willingness for flexibility.

Icon of Credibility


Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority

The Good and the Bad


  • Easy Approval. RS boasts easy approval, with no paperwork.
  • Strong for Investors. By all accounts, RS seems built for investors (the investor is represented by a young cartoon character on their site, while the borrower is portrayed as old and bespectacled?), with such users reporting excellent returns


  • Sloppy. This is the best word I can think of to describe Rebuilding Society’s internet presence. Lame graphics, choppy copy, and inconsistent information are about all you’ll find. Reviews with the ring of authenticity are sparse. The reality may be better, but how would you ever know?
  • Not enough information about them is available, in order to truly recommend this company.
  • Little Media Coverage

Which Type of Companies do They Apply to?

Rebuilding Society is meant for small to medium sized UK businesses. Qualifying businesses must have:

  • 2+ years of filed accounts
  • up to date management accounts
  • no outstanding County Court judgments

Are Bad Credit Businesses Accepted?

Yes. Just how bad is not stated by Rebuilding Society, but as the approval and underwriting process takes a couple of days, it may be assumed that a certain amount of consideration is common practice.

Early Repayments & Comparison

Early repayment is permitted without penalty. You’ll only pay for the interest in the month during which you pay off your balance.

How do they compare with other companies in the industry:

Interest rates are high, and borrower reviews are very difficult to dig up. This really does seem like an investor’s P2P lender, and there seems little here for to attract borrowers.

Reputation & Feedback


While there isn’t any outright negative criticism of Rebuilding Society, the information that is available lends them little credibility. Credio gives them a middling 82% score, citing high interest rates. An ugly website and scant information available elsewhere do little to differentiate RS from the pack, at least in a positive manner. The exception is their very high reported lender returns (15%+, usually).

Another Regulated Peer to Peer Lender in the UK, but we failed to see how it is any better than its competitors.

Bottom Line

“Rebuilding Society” has a utopian ring to it, but the reality seems to favor the lender, not the borrower. Businesses in need of a quick loan would be advised to look for an alternative among RS’s competition. If more borrower reviews become available, this perspective may change. But as yet, unflattering presentation, and an out-of-balance borrower/lender relationship, makes Rebuilding Society seem a poor fit for most borrowers.