Opportunity Fund Review

  • Loan Types: B2B Loans and Cash Advance
  • Availability: USA (Businesses in California)
  • Securities: Secured
  • Loan amount: $2,600 – $100,000
  • Interest: APR: 8.5% to 12% for B2B loans; 8.5% to 15% for cash advance
  • Overall Rating: Useful 2.7 / 5.0

About Opportunity Fund

In operation since 1994, Opportunity Fund isn’t your typical microfinance lender. A non-profit and only available in the state of California, OF may seem like they’re re-inventing the wheel when it comes to independent lending policy, but their model has enabled them to lend to more than 8,000 deserving candidates in their 20+ years of operation. California residents will find them helpful and flexible, able to craft a workable lending arrangement, even for individuals who have been denied elsewhere.

Icon of SMB Oriented

Non Profit

A non profit organization for the businesses of California

Icon of Quick Approval


Poor credit business are welcomed to apply, and some will be qualified.

Icon of Credibility


20 Years of operating history, over 10,000 satisfied businesses.

The Good and the Bad


  • Trustworthy. As a non-profit with a long history, Opportunity Fund is in the business of providing excellent loans to qualified candidates in need.
  • Flexible. Even those with poor credit are able to qualify, with very good interest rates.
  • Operating For 20 Years
  • No Profit Organization


  • A Good option for Only a Specific Kind of Client. This is a Pro and a Con. Certain individuals will find Opportunity Fund to be a true boon. Those with other borrowing options will not qualify or will be better served elsewhere.

Which Type of Companies do They Apply to?

Opportunity Fund is so-named for a reason. This is a non-profit lender, providing financing to new, underfinanced, and bad-credit businesses, among others. This is a carefully operated fund that makes financing available to those who may have trouble getting it, as well as other qualified candidates.

Are Bad Credit Businesses Accepted?

Yes. Clients with any credit score are considered. This is part of Opportunity Fund’s model. They don’t only deal with this sort of business, but for those who have been denied funding elsewhere, they are able to craft a loan with surprisingly affordable terms.

Early Repayments & Comparison

Early repayment is permitted without penalty.

How do they compare with other companies in the industry:

You have to go outside the ecommerce industry to find comparable lending options. Opportunity Fund is a non-profit, with its own rules. Approval isn’t fast, but each candidate is considered individually. For the right business, Opportunity Fund is a remarkable option.

Reputation & Feedback


Opportunity Fund is considered the best microfinance provider in the state of California. With over 20 years of history and nearly 10,000 clients, their reputation is strong. Glassdoor reviews make this sound like a great company to work for. Opportunity Fund is certified by the U.S. Treasury and is a SBA (Small Business Association) approved lender.

Californian Businesses With Bad Credit History – Non Profit.

Bottom Line

For residents of California, particularly those with poor credit, Opportunity Fund may be the best business lending option available. For everyone else, the general ecommerce market or like-minded non-profits will have to do.