Business Loan Company Reviews: All Reviews

This is a list of all the business loan companies we have covered on this website. Some of these companies are USA facing companies and some are UK facing companies but what they have in common is the fact they are geared towards small businesses and offer quick approval and flexible terms.


A quick, easy, and effective solution to manage cashflow issues. Get loans against unpaid invoices, starting from $500. Quick and easy approval process, fully automated.


Funding Circle

Funding Circle, named “revolutionary” by mainstream media, and backed by UK government, is one of the most honest and transparent companies for borrowers from the UK & the US, with APR as low as 6%.



Ezbob has great user feedback, direct investments from the European Treasury office, low minimal requirements, and good loan terms. One of the best UK business loan providers in existence.


Lending Club

The world’s most famous Peer to Peer lending for businesses is that for a reason. The quality of service, ease of use, promptness, and of course the low interest make it a superb choice.



Zopa is the world’s first Peer to Peer lender, and have been doing so successfully since 2005. With solid, safe, returns for investors, and good borrowing conditions for both businesses and individuals, it’s the perfect lender for the majority of businesses.



iWoca provieds superb solutions for short term borrow of up to 6 months, of £10,000 – £50,000. Approves in minutes, credible, and fairly low requirements.



One of the most innovative companies in the domain of business loans, with unique possibilities which are not accessible via traditional cash advance, or traditional Peer to Peer lenders.


A much needed invoice factoring service for small US-based businesses. Get up to $5m against unpaid invoices (B2B only), or from micro-loans of $5,000 in line of credit.


Rate Setter

One of the fastest growing P2P Lenders in the UK; Competitive prices, high requirements, provision fund to secure money.



OnDeck is a solid, publicly traded, company, with great user feedback. Approval in 1-10 hours. Proven business model which works and thrives.



Picky Peer to Peer Lender that can potentially offer excellent terms for qualified highly profitable businesses, but expensive for smaller businesses.


Rebuilding Society

Good for lenders, but offering sub-par terms for borrowers.


Opportunity Fund

Non Profit Organization for Californian Businesses Specializing in Micro-Lending.



Kabbage has been operating successfully since 2009, with one of the easiest platforms and quickest turnaround times, but still, there are confusing parts about their T&C and some clients are unsatisfied.


How do we review business loan companies?

We have dedicated plenty of efforts to learn the ins and outs of each company before we reviewed and rated it. Our research begins with a thorough scan of each company’s website, determining how user friendly it is, and how easy is it to sign up with it.

Then, we analyze the terms and conditions offered by each company. This is one of the most important stages upon creating a business funding review. We look at things like:

Ease of adding your company’s details – The most automated the process is, the higher our rating is. We prefer companies that are hassle-free, which also makes the application process prompt.

Time for approval. This is absolutely pivotal for us in our review. One of the main reason people want to steer away from banks is the long approval time and complicated processes before money is in the bank. We look for companies that are able to make automated decisionsbased on proprietary systems and algorithms.

Interest. This is not as straight forward as many think, and definitely not the main consideration for us, even though we try to dive into the interest terms and see they “make sense”. The thing with the companies we review is that the interest rates are highly flexible and depend on the business’ health. Companies like Fleximize and Funding Circle can get to very low interest rates (APR of 6% for Funding Circle), but could get extremely pricey as well. Bad credit business loans  are inherently expensive,  but they are still useful and can be an excellent last resort.


Our next stage of research is looking over the internet, and making “behind the curtains” research with industry leaders, about the credibility of each company. The most important thing for us when we review business loan companies is to ensure these companies are using fair practices, and people had good experiences with them. Companies like Kabbage which has been getting a fair amount of criticism are not well-ranked.