Business Cash Advance

Cash Advance is a business lending model used by many P2P lenders. Frequently, small businesses will have cash flow lapses due to unpaid invoices or other problems. Many lenders offer individual cash advances paid back with future revenue or like revolving lines of credit.

A quick, easy, and effective solution to manage cashflow issues. Get loans against unpaid invoices, starting from $500. Quick and easy approval process, fully automated.

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Target Audience: US Merchants with Unpaid Invoices or Those Looking for a Flexible Credit Line

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iWoca provieds superb solutions for short term borrow of up to 6 months, of £10,000 - £50,000. Approves in minutes, credible, and fairly low requirements.

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9.7 Score on TrustPilot
Target Audience: UK Business & Sole Traders - £10,000+ Annually

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Liberis is UK's largest merchant cash advance provider. Those who use it highly recommend it, and its steady growth symbolizes that more than anything else.

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100% Happy Clients (Feefo Reviews)
Target Audience: All UK Accepting Payments By Card

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One of the most innovative companies in the domain of business loans, with unique possibilities which are not accessible via traditional cash advance, or traditional Peer to Peer lenders.

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Average Rating 9.2 in TrustPilot
Target Audience: £3000+ Per Month with 20% Margin UK Businessess

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A much needed invoice factoring service for small US-based businesses. Get up to $5m against unpaid invoices (B2B only), or from micro-loans of $5,000 in line of credit.

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Great Media Coverage & Feedback
Target Audience: US SMEs with Unpaid Invoices (B2B Only), Or SME's Requiring Line of Credit

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OnDeck is a solid, publicly traded, company, with great user feedback. Approval in 1-10 hours. Proven business model which works and thrives.

Same Day Approval, Ultra-Professional With Customers
Average User Rating 9.6 on TrustPilot, But Media Criticism
Only Established/Strong Businesses with FICO Score 500+

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How Does Merchant Cash Advance Work?

The three businesses listed differ somewhat in the way they manage their cash advance model. But the underlying mechanism is the same. Money is quickly loaned to a qualifying business, on the basis of future funds they are expected to receive, usually as invoice payments or regular income.

When unsecured, businesses are typically well-vetted to make sure that they are unlikely to default. As interest is usually very high, businesses must pay loans back quickly in order for the service to be affordable, though this is understood from the beginning.

What Businesses Can Benefit Most From a Cash Advance?

Any business that has trouble maintaining operations, investing in important expansions, or funding businesses initiatives due to unpaid invoices or other cash flow issues will likely benefit from the cash advance model. These include some of the smallest businesses, as long as they are equipped for credit payment and maintain business or accounting software to communicate with the lenders’ systems.

Is Early Repayment Possible With Cash Advances?

Early repayment is almost always permitted without penalty. If not, a potential borrower is encouraged to find a different lender, as this form of financing is only affordable if it is able to be paid off quickly.

What’s the Difference Between Cash and Invoice Advances?

The two are distinct. There are companies that offer both, but most offer one or the other. In the example above, Liberis is the only Cash Advance P2P lender, offering simple loans for many purposes paid off with a daily percentage of future sales.

It is a simple model for borrower and lender. The other two company examples offer revolving lines of credit, against which individual loans may be instantly taken out to pay off new invoices with pending balances. These are quickly repaid when a client pays off the invoice in question, usually after 30 to 60 days.


Note: We list companies offering either cash advance or invoice advances (also known as invoice factoring).