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Target Audience: US Merchants with Unpaid Invoices or Those Looking for a Flexible Credit Line

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Target Audience: US SMEs with Unpaid Invoices (B2B Only), Or SME's Requiring Line of Credit
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Quick Approval

Quick Approval

While SME’s are struggling with long approval processes with banks, we aspire to find technology-driven online lenders which approve or decline within hours or days



Many small businesses are rejected by banks, either because the their trading volumes are too low, the asking amount is too low, or bad credit. We help companies find the right alternatives for their needs



The most important factor on our rating system is a company’s credibility. In our search for the best business loan companies, we only recommend the ones with the most spotless reputation out there

Our Online Business Loan Finder

After Lending Club’s massive 2014 IPO, the online lending market is brimming with promise, and additional lender are chiming in on a monthly basis. It is getting increasingly hard for the small business owner to keep track of all type of loans in existence, all alternative funding lenders there are, and which each lender offers. Many SME owners are just following the trends and buzzwords, and by that, potentially missing out on financing solutions that could have been perfect for them. Our websites tries to make sense of everything, and our partners at Lending Express, with their online USA + Australia business loan finder.

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Bad Credit Loan

Bad Credit Loan

Rejected by banks? There is still hope. View our list of most flexible lenders.

P2P Lending For Businesses

P2P Lending For Businesses

Peer to Peer Lenders can offer excellent terms for healthy businesses.

Invoice & Cash Advance

Invoice & Cash Advance

Traditional type of financing + Technology = The quickest and easiest way of securing funding.



Understand how online lenders operate, and which type of businesses they apply to.

About Us

With UK & USA business loan firms, accessibility is the name of the game. While pricing could be a factor for small business lending, the main reason that SME owners revert to alternative funding, is to avoid the hurdles of banks. They want to be able to apply quickly, without supplying a multitude of documents. They want to assessed based on their real business data,without letting the archaic credit score affect their eligibility. They want money in bank within days, without supplying sophisticated business plans. Above all, they want to find a reliable business partner which they can use every time a small bridging is required.

To address the needs of business owners, we have launched BusinessLoanCompanies.com. While it is currently not the most comprehensive review website, covering a tad less than 20 alternative lenders (about half of them are UK-facing, and half are USA-facing), it’s one of few websites in the world which are completely dedicated to the world of SME financing from the alternative angle. We try to supply the best information so our readers can make educated choices on which lender they want to try, and understand the ins and outs of the process in order to perfect it.

We particularly apply for the Import / Export sector and have written a few guides which are supposed to help such businesses:

Additional recommended financial services in the USA

Business owners should also consider using more financial services that can help them cope with cashflow deficiencies. Unexpected expenses that call out for a small business bridging loans may include electrical appliances stopping from working, airconditioning, plumping and more. They can avoid being in a position where they need to apply for a loan by simply insuring themselves against such situations. If you are a business owner in the USA, or even a sole trader, you should consider using home warranties, which are a form of insurance. View the Best Home Warranty Companies using the following link.